And sunset, clouds, with Manhattanhenge
4 Mar 2012 23:40

And sunset, clouds, with Manhattanhenge 

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posted by patricia powell 5 Mar 2012 17:33

Keith Olbermann Love me some Manhattanhenge. Porn not so much.

posted by Tru 5 Mar 2012 02:58

Keith Olbermann Very nice effect! Too bad even your photos are getting spammed by sexbots.

posted by Deborah Marshall 5 Mar 2012 00:09

Keith Olbermann Nice pictures, and love your new avi very cute Smilie

posted by Susan MaguireWhipple 5 Mar 2012 00:05

Keith Olbermann Very Nice!

posted by SDG DiamondHead 5 Mar 2012 00:05

Keith Olbermann I love how the sun is peeking through the buildings.

posted by Deidre Maciel 4 Mar 2012 23:50

Keith Olbermann Awesome. Somewhere, the druids are very happy. Smilie

posted by J. Moore 4 Mar 2012 23:48

Keith Olbermann Such a very cool yellow....still awesome the way the darkened buildings shadow and frame the sky. Thanks as always for being so sweet to share this with us Smilie

posted by patsysocal 4 Mar 2012 23:46

Keith Olbermann how apt "manhattanenge" nailed it.

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Ahh...sunset plus clouds And sunset, clouds, with Manhattanhenge 1st 2 broadcasts on @SNYtv included '62 Mets Pitchers Jay Hook (guest) & Herb Moford (b&w video) Here's Herb in color
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