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Ah finally a saving grace! A bright red sunset #blizzard
27 Dec 2010 23:00

Ah finally a saving grace! A bright red sunset #blizzard 

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posted by Chris 28 Dec 2010 00:55

Keith Olbermann I know this is a weather emergency and everything, but Manhattan looks stunning.

posted by Cassie (C.M.W.) 27 Dec 2010 23:40

Keith Olbermann Now that's a red, white, and blue for you...

posted by Tru 27 Dec 2010 23:37

Keith Olbermann At least you'll have a nice day tomorrow. Thanks for all the blizzard reporting today!

posted by Deidre Maciel 27 Dec 2010 23:34

Keith Olbermann Weather-wise, I hope the worst is over for you folks for the time being. That blue sky is reassuring.

posted by Donna Cestone 27 Dec 2010 23:26

Keith Olbermann Gorgeous! :-) To KO the roving NYC Blizzard Reporter: Haven't seen all the photos yet, but I've been following your Tweets all day from Florida...TY Smilie

posted by Sharron 27 Dec 2010 23:05

Keith Olbermann Ah, a sky lit up by a red sunset; Beautiful enough to be a screensaver or wallpaper

posted by Appleseed Humanity 27 Dec 2010 23:03

New York has a rare, chiseled beauty all of its own, but a sunset certainly adds to the impact. Superb shot.

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The good news? They finally dragged off the burned-out bus. Oh and the Yankees signed J.T. Snow #blizzard Ah finally a saving grace! A bright red sunset #blizzard Remembering that this is the CLEANED part of town, this is a wall you face trying to cross 3rd Avenue
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