Nacho is one happy boy
Maude taking a little sit down
Rocco looking all handsome
How about I just stay in bed -Maude
Eily getting on down on Friday 😂
Maude taking a shade break
Nacho is loving his Friday walk!
Eily out and about!
I went out for my walk, now treats please! -Nacho
Maude is ready for some relaxation
After Rocco’s walk it is time for some sunbathing ☀️
Riley you are the cutest!!!!
Eily loving her time outside!
Rocco out on his stroll
Maude taking a little break
Oh Nacho! 🤣
It’s too hot to walk -Eily
Maya is happy for her walk!
Nacho out and about!
Suns out, tongues out! Maude
Eily having some fun in the park
Maya searching for them squirrels!
Is it time for some treats! Maude
After going for a stroll, time to sunbathe -Rocco

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