Part of my float decoration for the St John Parade in #SecondLife
Heads up, @InaraPey - photo ops this weekend in addition to the  #WindlightMagazineMardiGrasphoto challenge
@slhamlet This one! #MardiGras #SecondLife presented by @RadioRiel
Also @IndigoMertel the Flapperettes perform!
Hi  @IndigoMertel - plz RT #MardiGras in #SecondLife with live DJs from @RadioRiel
Great classes today at Builders Brewery in #SecondLife See you at 4pm!
Winter DONE. Snow GONE. Training on new bike TOMORROW. Raising funds to #StopDiabetes
A vest for St Paddy's and 2 mesh shirts! #SecondLife #SLMarketplace
Celebrate #StPatricksDay #SecondLife wearing this men's mesh vest and looking festive!
Happy #StPatricksDay in #SecondLife - SALE! Men's Green Velvet Shamrock Vest $L199 #Mesh
Getting on the bike trainer, listening to  @radioriel #Steampunk today.
@DrewFromTV - social media survival gear from #CurioObscura ;)
Meanwhile, working on a mesh kit for #StPatricks in #SecondLife.
I ride my steampunk bike in #SecondLife while the typist is #intraining
At least my typist-monkey was already signed up for the charity ride. Now she gets to wear a special jersey.
@HypergridBiz @ZetamexNetwork @MariaKorolov  @hanheld08 That's what had me worried. Here's a snap for context.
@HolocluckHenly @DrewFromTV did you get the "low prim" premium gift yet? #SecondLife
"I'm comin' back someday, come what may, to Bleu Bayeaux..." h/t  @1920sberlin for the LOLtapestry
Typomonkey eating stupid delicious lunch, but at least she's on a proper island.
Thanks to  @History_Pics I'll be up all night
So, could this Time cover be a real thing? Maybe, the Twitter-fu is strong in @clarkgregg  #AgentsofSHIELD
At the #TourdeCureCHI VIP dinner at Two Brothers Ale House.
We went 3 miles, then Rock went back to take pictures with his big camera. Lovely light.
The typist is actually exercising!

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