Dinner w/ ma cheeks  @sherrein "i want nobody nobody but you!" ahahaha. Do yo danceee. Lol
@Christina_Lei v's up all day
Thursday night it could have been anywhere w/ Anyone but we chose to be here w/ each other. #LML <3
At Changs Dim sum @Kay_Bae showing @sherrein how to eat this but Cheeks scare to eat chicken feet. LOL
W/ the fam karaoke session  @JanelleHa @Christina_Lei @Bonita_Bumps @eln_k  @Kay_Bae  @DrizzySG  @MANNEboi  @ChineseJohn88  @GDozerMarqueeLV at jake at bryanmeng #SG #TBO #GOONS
God i miss this american idol woman! #TBO #4playpnay  @JanelleHa <3
@obeyjef tapsilog fried tapilia & sinigah!! Hmmm hmm  @Kay_Bae  @Airuzz (tweeted last night)
@Kay_Bae @Airuzz @dHeNz21 late night #moda
@obeyjef tapsilog fried tapilia & sinigah!! Hmmm hmm  @Kay_Bae  @Airuzz
Left hand right hand woman  @Kay_Bae @DollYori
Brio w/ my #scorpio  @TIFFANYEVEHOANG.
Lunch at Brio w/ my #scorpio  @TIFFANYEVEHOANG.
Taking my baby out for a carwash.
Downtown vegasstreats for their 1 year anni w/ @obeyjef   @MeReBe  @eln_k  @ChineseJohn88 + a chinese/khmer girl
Its @Esco_MarqueeLV i start your bday now biotch; after all your still a #goon! #TBO speakin up.
Aww i <3 you mochi!! So
cz of  @kylie_lum its okay for me to do Champagne diet.
& yes most cocktail waitress; vip host;; promoter gets their pho fix at #Phosaigon8  @chateaulv   @OneNonlyponO !
Shopping for kimmy's yorkie.. Lol
Ditigal underground reppin 2pac; waddup doe! Bang it!  @LavoLV
Starting Round 2 #TBOing - XS 3 years anni! + skrillex @JanelleHa  @TracyNova @TIFFANYEVEHOANG @SonjaLC @eln_k
Starting Round 2 #TBOing - XS 3 years anni! + skrillex @JanelleHa  @TracyNova @TIFFANYEVEHOANG @SonjaLC @eln_k
3rd attempt calling out #OGTBO @TracyNova

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