Rather than wait till tomorrow when none of you will be on Twitter, I shall wish you all a Happy Christmas now!
Hattie the Cat has lost the walnut she’s been playing with all day, under the firewood. Alas, no opposable thumbs.
This old Radio Times cover hanging on a pub wall made me pine for my spiritual home, BBC Television Centre,  #BushW12
@kptownend Ties and jackets are compulsory for the shoot. I think I've made an apt choice...
Hattie the kitten is pouncing on the baubles as we hang them on the Christmas tree.
Cat yin and yang
@WendyHurrell Here's a pic of my earl morning!
Paddington Station. No bears so far. #paddington
@RoxanneLaWin Lovely cat. Looks a bit like my Hattie!
You know you're a member of the chattering classes when Noam Chomsky crops up twice in one screen view.
Got a few minutes to kill before my son's school carol concert. I know - in November - but what can you do?
@Aphex12Liam Hattie sends her regards!
West London mobile broadband speed with 4G? More than 11mbps. #nice
My kids have been carving pumpkins
Apparently it's #NationalBlackCatDay so here's our Ben (with Hattie).
Teaching my boy how to fish. He's already caught three perch and a roach!
Lit the fire for the first time in Hattie the kitten's life. She was amazed. Never seen fire before.
Trying to work, here in #Baghdad but there's something wrong with my keyboard...
@trudythechimp Majestic! Here are mine
Wandering into the abandoned Winter Palace of Saddam Hussein
Seems someone’s got themselves a hobby at the BBC #Baghdad bureau. #Iraq
Huge plume of smoke rises into the sky after the biggest explosion all week. #Baghdad #Iraq
Back from a hot day’s filming in Babylon. IS forces would like to blow it up if they overrun the area. #Iraq
I should add that I do have a little female cat who hangs around me. Only the other cats could comment on her morals!

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