By the way this is the scoot on the sea front :-)
Scooter is MOT'd 100% complete ;-) just waiting for registration
Card board corgi in a shop window just made me smile :-)
It's finished what a beauty ! 
Just MOT to go then 3 weeks to run in before Cleethorpes ;-)
@TheSwadMod66 it needs a lot of work ... But just the right side of not too much
My new project 4 winter
1985 Lambretta Serveta Lynx 
To nut & bolt restore to be done
Excited :-)
4 sale Vespa 300 GTS ex condition 09 Plate - 9k miles
Extras screen,rack & rest + scorpion +exhaust £3000 pls rt
@ahoysailor_v  Geeeeet away geeeet ☺
My mate keeps on sending me teasing pictures of the jet 200 he is rebuilding mine is still in bits & rust in boxes
Met one of these dogs really want one
Reading this book a mate of mine gave me really enjoying it
Gatling guns on a horse how mental lol ☺
Got a set of teeth like Lisa Simpson now lol ☺
@Doug_Turner @wadotone @Lambretta_Lady  looks like my one from 83
Well ive not sold anything yet 1 look at my face is enough 2 put anyone off look lk 40 miles of bad road ☺
Base base buttery biscuit base ... I can't get that song out of my head 
Thanks a lot  @ahoysailor_v
@ahoysailor_v so cool on series 1 ☺
The Ahoy Sailor team & of course the scooter ☺
@ahoysailor_v  who told you !!
@ahoysailor_v lol while having a smoke I nearly chocked 
Hypnotic like a lava lamp ☺
@TheSwadMod66  quick look and found these and my book called mods off 4 a trip down memory lane now ☺
@TheSwadMod66 sorry m8 just picked up tweet down the  sump in winshill
My rock and roll lunch caffeine & chocolate ☺
@Doug_Turner one for you mate real beaut

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