So the other day I was like how do you make a pancake smile??

Butter him up!!!🙈🙉🐵
#Jokes #OneLiners
Nothing like a little grown folk music by Major Harris for the drive home from work. #GrownFolk #RNB #TheMidnightHour
A little Mexican flavor wouldn't hurt nobody. What I did to the work mascot.
Good night world! ♬ 'You Dont Know' - Chuckii Booker ♪
Getting the day started with a little ♬ 'Boys and Girls (Remix)' - Tony! Toni! Toné! ♪ in rotation. #Classic #Throwback
Custom heaters I installed at my night club.
My brother Isaac getting down on the grill!
What's in rotation while I get ready for work
#WorkFlow #BowTie #HumpDay
What I first saw arriving at the Las Vegas Airport.
The random texts  @RocBoy76 and I send each other... Lol
I'm trying to figure out what to eat & then ♬ 'Esos Dos Amigos' - Ramon Ayala ♪ comes on. I guess mexican food it is.
Listening to ♬ 'Sincerely' - Joey Pastrana ♪ while making dinner for the family.
Happy Friday! ♬ 'Rinconcito En El Cielo' - Ramon Ayala ♪
Playing ♬ 'Goodbye Love' - Guy ♪ in the office trying to set the mood
Time to dim the lights lay back and relax. ♬ 'Wanna Make Love (All Night Long)' - Lillo Thomas ♪
Goodnight ladies & gentlemen. #LightsOutPhoenix 

♬ 'Make Time for Love' - Keith Washington ♪
Goodnight and sweet dreams ladies & gentlemen. ♬ 'Don't Go' - Mary J. Blige ♪
I been singing this song all day. The chorus is off the hook.  ♬ 'Crickets (feat. Jeremih)' - Drop City Yacht Club ♪
Just got home from work :). You already know what time it is! ♬ 'Arrempujala Arremangala' - Los Karkik's ♪
Slow jams in rotation... Romance is in the air! ♬ 'Goodbye Love' - Guy ♪
What I'm playing the the office while I finish up some work. Time to set the mood :) ♬ 'Girl U For Me' - Silk ♪
It's going down tonight! #Romance ♬ 'Try My Love' - Raab ♪
Bought my first hookah

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