Around 12:00 NL time I will fight at the Grand Prix here in Budapest. 
Live stream: mat4 
My first competition since I won the World Masters in December and my shoulder injury. So let’s do this all over again. #PrepForTheWorlds #JudoBudapest2018
Het is officieel 🎉 ik ben trotse ambassadeur van @RdamTopsport geworden.  Blij en dankbaar dat ik deel uit mag maken van dit team @HOudendammer  Dat ik op deze manier ”mijn” stad en de (top)sport op deze manier mag uitdragen 💚 #Rotterdam #CityOfChampioms
Happy face!!!!
Happy to make my judo training again 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thanks Kay and Chris 🙏🏼 
Focus on building up my judo condition and rhythm. 🔜 back on the competition tatami and then 🔝World Championships 
Special shout out 📣  @hanskroon2 how worked with me everyday to keep me in condition and make me strong again. And  Jolanda and @cynthiabosv how gave me the specific fine tune therapy and care 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
No European Championships for me this weekend...but I am still eager and determined to come back and fight for the titles!!! All the best for the dutch team at the EC 🍀 #teamNL #judotelaviv2018 #injury  #lovethegold #lovejudo #comebackkid
Sadly I have to pronounce that I can not compete at the most beautiful tournament of the year the Grand Slam of Paris 💔 #JudoParis2018 
My shoulder is injured (again) so I am working hard to comeback soon! Goodluck to all my judo friend how compete this weekend 💪🏼🍀🥋
#TB the day we waved @ewilleboordse goodbye 👋🏼 she is making a big world tour on her own 🙌🏼 for 6 (maybe more) months... proud of you Donkster. Have fun and push your limits!!! 💕 #BendeVan4
Ready to leave 2017 behind🔚 
Let’s go for a more healthy, loving &  successful 2018!!!!! 🔝🤩❤️💃🏻💫 #bestnine
Thank you @FlexpowerEurope for my  lovely Christmas present 🎁 #TeamFlexpower
About Tuesday night... NOS noc*nsf sportgala 2017
Such a great victory today. I am the champion of the World Master 2017🥇🏆(only the best 16 of the world can compete). We had made a plan for the road toward this tournament and it has gone as we had planned. That feels so great! All the fights were very though but I remained calm and focused on my missions. #judomasters
Ready to rumble!!! Tomorrow I fight the last tournament of the year, the World Judo Master. I have the 11th match that will be around 10.55 local time (8.55 NL time) 
livestream: draw: #judomaster #judomasters2017
Het is niet de kleur geworden die ik wilde🥈maar het was geweldig om voor het thuis publiek te vechten. Bedankt Den Haag voor dit mooie toernooi! #judoTheHague2017
It starts at 11.00
I have the 18th fight that will be around 12.30 watch live on or come to The Hague 😃 #zondaggehaktdag
HELDIN van de dag @franssenjuul je hebt weer laten zien wat je waard bent. 🏆💪🏼👌🏼🙏🏼
Respect voor jou comeback mindset en harde werken! Kippenvel en trots voelde ik. Geniet hiervan chick! Je hebt het verdient en is je gegund! #JudoTheHague2017 #KAMPIOEN
‪The hard work is done! ‬
‪Sunday it is time to throw @TheHagueGP !!! @Colliers_NL @WattbikeBenelux #Qwin‬ #zinin Nog geen kaartjes? ga naar
Op weg naar de persconferentie met #teamNL voor de ‪@TheHagueGP‬ ORANJEEEEE ‪@Korrelforgold‬
I fight @ Grand Slam Abu Dhabi. Around 11.30-12.00 (NL time) 13.30-14.00 (Local time) I fight my first match. Watch me live at or #Fightday #GrandSlam 🥋
I got my new ride! Always so thankful to step in a brand new car... Thanks @ToyotaNL #TeamNL #Louwman #Rotterdam
Eindelijk weer een internationaal tornooi in NL!! Van 17 t/m 19 november is de Grand Prix in Den Haag. Ik ben in voorbereiding voor deze GP!!! Koop hier alvast je tickets
Mijn vizier was gericht op het goud, van de halve finale naar de 5e plek is echt een zware teleurstelling. Wat ik wel zeker weet is dat ik er fysiek en mentaal weer super goed stond! Een kwestie van door bouwen #5e #JudoWorlds2017
Tomorrow at 10:20h it is ON!!! 🔥🔥🔥 watch me live at tatami 1 #JudoWorlds2017 #VrijdagGehaktdag
Today, exactly 8 years ago (omg how f*** old am I...😵) I won the World Championships. That day wasn't all perfect. But I was able to react to everything that came my way perfectly. This Friday I will fight again for that title. The most important is to respond perfectly on whatever is throw my way.
Het is toch net als trainen...!? blijven proberen en steeds kleine aanpassingen maken @dafneshippers nu is het DafneLikes banenenbrood en healthy cake wel gelukt #blij #OefenenBaktKunst

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