Power of good treats- everyone wants one
Mum's girlfriend isn't back from LA until Valentine's Day! Taking advantage of 'bed's too big without you' syndrome.
Finally our errant mother has come home and reunited the pack. Dolly nearly chewed my ears off when she saw me!
Our mum's packed and off to LA for a month. She wishes she could take us.
At the @PetsatHome vets. Grr..boosters.
Look @dollythechi. Having a cuddle with @ThisisDavina. I'm jealous. Woof
That @DollyTheChi  is such a little show-off. But I do love her
Its #FightClub hre between me & @DollyTheChi. It's play & no animals hurt. @SarahGraham69 vacs a lot of #chihuahua fur
That  @DollyTheChi has got a cheek. She's vying for Top Dog. Woof!
That @DollyTheChi has a real cheek. Pls follow her 2- she only has 15 friends! sum of my 1600 must lk little #chis?
Uh-oh. There's a new security regime to keep  @DollyTheChi & I in the back garden.
This is my 'please can I have a bite of your egg sarnie?' face
That little #chi isn't as scared of puddles as me! That's not right.
Sharing the sofa. Waiting for rain to stop so we can go walkies
@Sicknote2 v good thank u. Getting to know Dot my new chi friend
Dotty may be small but she has massive appeal. And she's no push over. Woof
I'm supposed to be sleeping at other end of bed!
Look at this pretty #Christmas tree. Woof!
Mum loves these Joules cut-off wellies- covered in pix of me. Woof! Gran brought them for her for #Christmas
Pinning my uncle Jamie to ground #christmas. I think he's a dog because of the beard.
Pinning my uncle Jamie to ground #christmas. I think he's a dog because of the beard.
Mum finally bribed me into wearing the antlers. Yawn. #christmas
#Christmas is exhausting. I need a sleep #dogtired
I'm having a lovely #Christmas- turkey is woof. lk my scarf? I hate the reindeer antlers & refuse 2 wear them! Grr!

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