They where ready to run against me. I had to get ready 😅😅, love to inspire the youth. Love to do this and show them that they can do it too. #inspire #motivate #ourfuture #weallstartsomewhere
Most positive person of Netherlands. Thanks to all my lovely people that voted for me. Hope I can keep inspire you all to be more positive everyday so we can have a positive world. #meestpositievenederlander2018
2016 i won the price for most positive Dutch person. This year I got nominated again for the price. I want to thank all my lovely people that voted for me to be nominated and in my bio there is a link to vote if you think I deserve to win it again or for another wonderful positive Dutch person. #meestpositievenederlander2016 #dagvanpositiviteit
Not sure what all to say but Thank you God and City of Clermont. Golden Key to the City and 9 okt 2018 proclaim as Churandy Martina Day.
#Itsablessing #speachless #thankyoucityofclermont #florida
New Month, new week, new chances. Go for it you can do it. Enjoy life, love as much as you can, today you here tomorrow you don't know. #blessmypeeps
You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you CAN control the way you respond.  And in your response is your greatest power.  Yes, most of your stress comes directly from the way you think and respond, not the way life is. Adjust your Attitude, and all that extra stress is gone!!!
Happy to be selected for team Europe to run 100m @ continantal cup. It's a honor for me and I will give it my all so we as team can win it all. In  2010 I ran for team America's and now team Europe. #blessed 8-9sept  #lastraceoftheseason #proud
@maartenvanderweijden happy to put a big smile on your face and give you all my positive energy so you can finish it. You are super amazing. Much respect for you. You can do it. #topMaarten #supporthemnederland #doneer
Hard work always pays off. Sometimes not the way you want it but it's always rewarding. This one is my fourth European Championship medal and im in love with it just like the other ones. #4x100m #bronze #dutchnationalrecord #EC2018 #keepworkinghardforyourdreams
3rd place 4x100m @european.championships. Thank God for an amazing race. 38.03 National Record. #Curacao #proud #bonribakaminda #EC2018
Today 4x100m with the boys!!! 19:40 Semifinal and 21:35 final. #EC2018 #curaçao #proud #letsdothis
Ik ging op zoek naar 2 fans die mij komen aanmoedigen: en kijk eens wat een club er onderweg is naar Berlijn om ons team aan te moedigen tijdens de laatste dagen van de EK Atletiek! Met tussen hen mijn speciale fans Sergio en Shehaira. See you at the oval office!
Didn't went the way we wanted today @ the oval office. Thank God we could have start and did our best. Some days you win and some days you Learn. I'm proud of you @lie_marvin and @tayy300 Now it's time to get ready for the 4x100m and Lee 4x400m. Everytime you get a chance to do something give it you all, not many people get that chance and whish to be in your position. Thanks my lovely fans and great sponsers. CWM, Nike, Pon-Gazelle-Wolkswagen, Sisi, Blue Bay. HBN Law. #EC2018 #curaçao #proud #comprycool  #bonribakaminda
Thank God for another great day @ the oval office, ofcourse I wanted to win and defend my tittle but this all I had for the day 10.16 6th place SB. Good job to all my competitors ya'll  did great. They told me I came in the championship 25 so I think I did something good 😁 making the final and then 6th in the final. Thank to all my lovely fans for the support, CWM you guys the best. Love you alllllllllll. (Tomorrow 200m semifinal 20:10) #EC2018 #100m #bonribakaminda #curaçao #proud #teamnl
And that's it for this season, was super nice to represent Europe @ continantal cup on the 100 and 200m. Had a nice season learned a lot and ready to get the leg right for next season. Thanks to all my lovely fans for the support and we going to push forward as always.  #thankGod #bonribakaminda #positivevibe #teameurope
Final 100m @21:50 let's do this. 🙏🏾👊🏾💪🏾 #themoment #EC2018 #100m
Ready for @european.championships #curaçaoboys #proud #100m #200 400m #4x100m #6-12aug
Thank you for everything papa. We will continue to make you super proud papa. Thanks to each and everyone who took the time to show their repect and love for our family. I appreciate it all whish I could reply to all the msg I got. I'm very thankful, you guys made it a little more easier and I will continue for papa and for you all too. #foreverwithus❤️ #rippapa
London @ the oval office ran an national record with the boys in the 4x100m and then the worst news came, Dad has pass away. Still have the 200m to go. It did my best to run a good race anyway, it was so hard but still came with my 2nd best time of the season.
Sosega na pas Papa. R.I.P Papa 💔
The most positive man on this planet......
Sometimes you just have to appreciate where you are. You came a long way and you're still learning and growing. Be grateful for the lesson. 🎶🎼#oppapendal
Thanks God for a nice National weekend. Won the 100 and 200m
Geweldig nieuws, Churandy Martina zwemt mee! Ben jij benieuwd of Churandy net zo goed kan zwemmen als hij kan rennen? Doe jij ook mee? 🏃🏊‍♂💪 @maartenvanderweijden
Each day I'm working hard for a couple of these medals at the European Championships in Berlin this summer! 
#TheMoment is coming… 
I'm ready!!!!! Let's do this!!!
@fbkgames @fbkgameshengelo

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