Now this is a burger :P
Found an old photo from my Icecream man days, if you want to have a laugh, check this out
Unusual request.  Anyone know where I can buy some of these Curtain track Roller grabbers from ?
Can anyone confirm if this is the Greek language on this phone please?
- Just in case I need some refreshment whilst Blogging :p
@mark_i_am here is my Office space. Got two 1600x800mm desks that will go there in an L Shape :) -
- Nokia Messaging users, what is this battery icon mean? My email won't sync, battery is full.?
- Starting to look bare and empty here now. At least the windows are clean now lmao
- This stuff is to die for.! Ice cold strawberries, fresh cream, whipped. Woo
- View from my recent walk.
- Just found this while packing. An old Nokia, and it still works. One of my old handsets. 6230
- N86 V30.009, Free RAM 56.3, and Free Phone Memory 48.9 - UDP restored all previous installs & setting ok!
@stevelitchfield @PhoneDaz this is on my N86 running V21 -
- Nice N86 Protective Nokia Case I will be Reviewing soon thanks to @Mobilefun
- Been busy packing a few boxes
- Test
N86 RAM and Memory looking healthy
As you can see @janole, the snow is quickly melting here too
Finnish Sausage Soup
Inside the N91. Think its the N91. Checkout that MP3 player HDD
This is my view for the next half our lol

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