waiting to board on are friendly sky....
oh yeah...your J3s are hear as well...
@jennstar112 start writing your wish list...
lol you mean this? just came in today...
Hmmm...well this is slightly amusing. lol 
went out for light meal @ Seiya
Glacier Point of view
Sometimes I wonder how we are related...o_O
@ Southgate by Yarra River
@ Shou Sumikyaki Sake Bar & Grill traditional Japanese cooking
adding this to my wish list for #christmas  ^_^
@ Flinders Lane Cupcake Bakery...hmm rocky road cupcake
@ Flinders Lane Cupcake Bakery...hmm rocky road cupcake
@KrystelAnnnn which Tim Tam do you want?! lol
@KrystelAnnnn we're just chillin n drinking @ trampoline
and 5% opts for a burrito RT @MoniqueMay #fact RT @ThePushParty: 70% of people who are awake between 1 AM and 3 AM want tacos.
@KrystelAnnnn lol listening to J Boog playlist as we speak...
@KrystelAnnnn I'm in trouble now!!!
unexpected gift from my lady =)  can't believe I didn't notice this in bag...now I'm ready for my int flights
Ooh K! figured is out after my morning tea...you want Jordan 3 "stealth" like this pic...9.5 US size right

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