And growing...  #Christmas
How do you not get excited about that!!! #Christmas
On my bosses desk
Our first turkey together #love
The turkey after the thanksgiving
The turkey after the thanksgiving
♬ 'Mr. Rager' - Kid Cudi ♪ #nowplaying
Confidence and independence.
Failed bitch #noles
Just your average pet #mascot
This number follows me everywhere. #luckyhand
I have that app too!
I have that app too!
Post up.
That can't be a good sign.
Me and @DanMarino believe that the #nyjets will not win today.
Who am I going to eat???
For those long days. #innerfatgirl
It's still my birthday!
After, something you would think would look so beautiful .
Really? Like seriously? #hellokitty
is to early?

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Miss Marisol


I love to Dance, sweets, tumble, shop, Mary, work, SLEEP...I have a fish name MOLLY, she's the Best I love my friends, family. Movies..ohh and Im a lil crazy =)


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