It takes Saffi an entire minute to wake up. Plus! Sleeping with her eyes open!
Amy enjoys her Melba toast
Amy absolutely pummels Saffi!! AMY WINS!! #babycagematch
Saffi is now crawling on her knees as opposed to worming around
Amy makes kissy noises
Amy crawling
Amy raspberries
The forecast calls for rain. Lots.
Full video! #babycagematch
Saffi laughing
Here we are at the Frootogo corn maze
Runaway babies
Amy is trying the new activity centre.
Amy just crawled
Here’s an old picture of Hunter and Sarah
Breastfeeding. This is what I look at. #creepy
Watching tv
Kids are playing Cooking Mama
Apparently they named a new pope on Toddlers and Tiaras
@KSpeicher sorry! This is what she looks like at better times
Saffi cooing
Saffi seems strong
Another shot of the first day of school

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