Were in the Rodin Museum. You DONT have to go through the gate of hell to get in
And we giggled at strangers running up the steps
We found Rocky
We could’ve stayed @ eastern state penitentiary a lot longer but Punzie got hangry so we eent across the st for food
We made it
Chihuly glass garden
We’re down to 5 ppl but we’re at the space needle and headed up
I guess we probably don’t need the map to tell us how to get to the space needle…
Lunchtime. This is the first year they light the fire for us :D
Our guide on the walking tour
And we’re here.hwadigocer to the walking tour momentarily
We’ll meet tomorrow morning at 9:45 by the golden pig under this sign at the end of Pike St
Punzie is leaving for the day. Magnus will lead people to the tea party museum
Lunch is happening
Punzie is trying not to poke frou in the belly
Sign: find the cranes
Me: you mean those right behind the sign?
Girafarig slide!
Boston is pretty sometimes
Not quite a golden ratio
Ok we’re trying to find some art around MIT. Follow this map
Uh I guess we left lunch? We seem to be walking
Debating if a hotdog is a sandwich while eating BBQ
@GhostDanLT augies BBQ
Walking to lunch. I’m following this guy

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