Contact us to learn more about how we can help you break free from addiction and put your life back on track.
Did you know that we offer art and music therapy? #wellnesswednesday
If you or a loved one struggles with Vicodin addiction, you should know that there are options for Vicodin treatment in Utah. Call 801-981-9503 to see how we can help today!
Become a warrior. #MantraMondays
If you need help to find self-acceptance, contact us today. #SelfLoveSaturday
Pathways outpatient addiction treatment in Utah is a recovery program to help codeine addicts make the behavior changes at home and in the company of family and friends.
Live for the moment. Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Start with now.
Tell us what the state of you mental health is with a gif. #endthestigma
If you're looking for Demerol addiction treatment services in Utah, contact us at (801) 386-9641 for a free assessment.
If you or a loved one are struggling with codeine abuse, the professional team at Pathways Real Life Recovery has the knowledge and experience you're looking for if you are ready to kick your codeine habit.
Merry Christmas from the Pathways family to your family!
Struggling with negative beliefs about yourself makes it all too easy to lapse into self-destructive patterns.
If you struggle with anxiety, Pathways can help. We'll build a treatment program around you!
Are you struggling with addiction to Demerol in Utah, or do you have a loved one who is?  If so, you're not alone.
Our bipolar treatment is not a cookie cutter program. We'll build your treatment around what works best for you!
Take your step towards recovery by calling Pathways today!
5 Ways to Change Negative Beliefs
Addiction takes an incredible toll on trust, relationships and finances. Here are signs of addiction to medications and what you can do.
Vicodin is an addictive prescription painkiller capable of eliciting effects similar to heroin when misused.
Our art & music therapy program could be the perfect outlet to help you in your recovery!
5 Signs of Oxycodone Addiction
It's never too late to get help for heroin addiction. Call 801-828-2701 today.
At Pathways, our focus on helping people find their path to wholeness!
Did you know that Pathways offers genetic testing to see what medication will work best for you? Learn more now!

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Pathways Real Life Recovery in South Jordan, UT can help be free from addictive behaviors.

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