22 Jan 2011 00:23

PianoTweet nr. 22, "Weekend Dream, part 1" 

PianoTweet nr. 22, "Weekend Dream, part 1"

Sometimes I read about people's dreams in my timeline.
For me as a human being, Dreaming is one of the most beautiful and intense actions of the brain.

It happens that I dream of orange bombs with long and misty tails, falling from a clear and deep blue sky. Almost once in a month my dream is the most wonderful thing dream I know: my arms function like real wings!
I fly anywhere I want to fly to, high above woods and fields, cities and houses and… it's so easy! Of course I've had my bad dreams too, dear listeners.

In real lifetime, when awake, I dream a lot too. Light ones and heavy ones. It's all happening in my brains. And it causes always deep feelings.

So, this weekend, it's Dream Weekend. Today you hear a bit of my dreams: part 1. Tomorrow it's up to part 2. There are more parts to come….

Enjoy, dreaming with PianoTweets!

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