The one day I leave Boston
Attack mode
@stoner_stuff check this shit out let's blaze
Chief clearly doesn't want me to study
Chief clearly doesn't want me to study
Haha sleepy boys
Haha sleepy boys
Who the hell is chicken grease and why did they call me
@stoner_stuff Sunday bluntday!! -_-
Blunt time ! Blue dream -_-  @stoner_stuff
@stoner_stuff Blunt -____-
My official cuff mark haha.
I've never seen the metal pile so big at metal management
omg what a good 1 ! Couldn't have been any more original I would say. Go eat out some niggers asshole. I'm going to poop byeee !
@stoner_stuff should I vape, blunt, joint, or bowl for my wake and bake
16 year old girl got in a single car wreck driving alone at 4 am..... Bitch how fast were you going... Look at the damage!!? I swear they need to take girls licenses away till there atleast 21 girls C
RT @stoner_stuff Crazy! RT @bangzzHQ @stoner_stuff best parfume ever :) get me some of thatttt shit
My drink's got " horny goat weed " in it hahaha ! Yummm!!
My type of girl right here check her out ! #tight #slut #babe #dirtywhore
The whole strip mall just burned down :( ..... Including the porn store ! Fahk what am I gna do?

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