Only went and made a lemon & honey cheesecake didn't I
I can say what the cool kids say now - WIP!
Catnip vs this idiot
Lost missions are always the most fun. #xcom2
I don’t know if this song is real or
@EwaSR what world have you unleashed upon me
@slowbeef @PsychEyeball so the BASEMENT & LABYRNTH codes on Isaac = my mind slowly unraveling.
So I guess I’m never listening to music ever again
@tremolo_ pretty much. Here’s part of the horror section:
Just rescued this little scared and weak cat victim. Given him food, water & bedding so he can chill out.
HE’S FLYING! Bee rehab success. He’s flying into the light like a div, though.
This is me giving a duff bee some sugar water

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