Now we know why #Bieber is so cranky. He missed his nap.
Boyhood dreams do come true! I'm playing a cowboy this week!
You got it.  RT @bkhogue: @RalphGarman love it!  Now give us a Wanda Valentine's Day card!❤
Make your loved one swoon with the new "Jake Montrose" valentine card from the folks at #JoeSchmo!
A "Surf's Up" Adam West/Batman action figure? Hell YES!
Really? RT @ncardet:  ok so Ed Reed is actually # 32 ...
When I think "great pizza", I think "Jews".  Who wants a "peace" of pizza?! ZING!
Hey! Look who's in the LA Times this morning!
If you're not deaf, and you do this with your hands, fuck you.
I think of all of the people that were ever born in England ever, @IamKellyBrook is my favorite. *sigh*
And THIS is why I've always said we need a live-action "Power Girl" movie ...
Here's another Aston Martin pic:
Another pic of me and the Aston Martin the Bond people lent me:
Done. RT @6_8Nate: Are you going to post pics of the Aston Martin!?!? So jealous!
Wake up, Barbie! Ken's gay. I'd make him say, "I like you as a friend, Barbie. But, I'm sleeping with He-Man."
This is what Heaven looks like ...
Plex and Munno on a single-minded quest for candy ... How about those "gams"?
"Yo Garma Garma!" The Garman family trick-or-treating straight from Gabbaland.
True. Starting with Smirnoff in DR. NO. RT @Hex_Is_Bored: There's been product placement in Bond movies for ages.
Catherine O'Hara's new character "Lana Wachowski" is her best work ever.
Nope. Catwoman. I like bad girls.  RT @James_Tx: This was your first crush?  Batgirl?
Thanks for doing @kevinandbean show & talking toys, @jordanhembrough! Anything here that you want to steal from me?:

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