@ellielaverr thanks!
Heh ... #manchesterriots
Call Of Duty Elite BETA - Black Ops Playercard :D
@wmerciapolice How many officers are planned for the EDL march? Seeing a few of these things...
Oh dear. @rossybmusic needs to change his password and remove apps connected to his accounts.
Camera+ found a way out of NDA lol.
@drbuk or Bakker as auto correct calls balmer.
@drbuk @MLS122171 oh he'll it does.
Google+ update already ?!
Upcoming artists: Stop doing this, it makes you a prick.
Lulz -
I think I made my point in the hardcore scene...
Want to test Photostreaming to my mac on iCloud but this warning puts me right off...
Took an iOS5 Stackshot when it hung again... Think I have found why it's hanging.. Look at all this!
I'm a nob.
My wallpaper wins.
@lostplan Seen this a few times... Profile view isn't showing latest tweet (See tweet count compared to tweets) :-/
Evil Kitty.

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