#happybirthday to my husband @Dari2k13. I love you ❤️💋
The rain has turned to snow. Ugh!
3am and crazy rain.  Gonna be great to fall asleep listening to it :) #rain
Crazy storm here now.
#smoke #alberta #forrestfire our town getting the smoke from the out of control fire by the weapons range.
Why I don’t drink.  I end up on chairs dancing.  #Godsmack #SomethingDifferent
Lol.  This boy of mine amuses 24/7
Me: Goodnight silly goat. Gabe: I'm not a "B"oat, I Gabriel. Lol late night chat with my 3 yr old.
Outside right now @ChocoIatePie
#Christmas has come to life in my house.  Santa comes tomorrow night and my son is so excited.
A video of some of my Chrostmas decorations.  I go all out.  Fave holiday :)
#Christmas decorating has started.
Little blurry but this is my son losing his shit because #netflix took to long to sign me in on the Xbox 360.
My ice bucket challenge. I had to do it 2x cuz my mom screwed up the 1st video. You missed the first & best reaction.
Lol, a one sec clip that sums up my frustration with my mom trying to videotape me yesterday.
Not sure who is more silly.  Him or me?  Lol.  Just another day at the Brown household :p
My 2.5 year old boy is an @Attika7 fan as well. He knows good music. I’m raising him right @EvanSeinfeld @RustyCoones
This storm is beautiful
Got the dog inside just in time.  It’s pouring rain.
#Music is #Life.  #Metallica
Gabriel enjoying the music in the truck.  Lol.
No housework getting done here today.  Dance party, lol @Dari2k13

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