Correction lmao. Here’s lil mans song
My lil man knows we keep in Santa Fe. @EkpeUdoh
Human alarm clock initiate
@_AaronAnderson they playin one on one for supremacy
My weekly video of this happy little guy <3 :) :D <- for my non emoji friends lol. ❤
The perks of your 1 year being able to walk. Following him around while he explores
The joys of parenting :) lol. He don't listen to anything
An last but not least my baby. The against the grain 360. Outside lane take off #TryIt #Jumper #Bouncy
Now for the big guns. This what a windmill spose to look like #Explosive #Power #Bounce #WatchYaHead lol
Now a lil reverse, baby pump action. Outside the lane take off #EasyMoney #Bouncy #Springs
Basic 1 hand hang dunk. #Easy #casual #TheLandingDoe lol
After today. @_EverybodyEats_ can’t question my bounce!! An wait till I really start jumpin!!!!
This is the noise newborns make wen they’re takin a fat

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