I've exceeded my targeted @Jawbone # of steps today so far already.. must've been that dancin feet..
Don't get #ILMF mixed up.. EVER! @foRealAndrei @AteMara
Which cover of Rihanna's TTT do you prefer?..
Weird seeing an iOS 5.0.1 update in my settings. Imma marinate 5.0 for abit.
Liiittz! #WeLive
This betta help my fack'd up sleeping patterns. #UpByJawbone
Some weird invention ideas my colleagues wrote on my meeting..
S/O to @phontigallo @nicolaymusic @FEofficial for sending a dope mail. #respexx
Always a good feelin when #ILMT is in the house. @onetwojoh @conconjovi #respexx
Homie's phone wears those sunglasses at night. @alldayearljay
Juuust lit one up too. Still lit..
Word to Orisue for new skinnies..
Wicked gettin mail when you forget n least expect it. Shouts to Adapt Advancers for sending a dope tee..
Gonna pick me up wit this record.. #classic
I figured I get stressed at work so I bought a massage pen. (the tip vibrates) You can call it a vibrator I guess..
Sumhm for the kids..
Kids don't do this at home..
Seeing palm trees makes me so content. #LongBeach
Sunny Cali. Will be there soon. Wuurd. @rKwehtoe
Beautiful show. This rose for you @AyahMusic
S/O to @djkariz101 for dropping 'Chemistry Vol 1' on my inbox. #Speakeasy #respexx
I wish my nano watch clock looked like that!! #apple
Boredism at work kicks in..

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