The owner of this whipp beside us is gon be quite upset. Ouch.
At my cousin's pre bday at his coworkers condo. A quick snap.
Niece n neph Audrey n Ross. #My2heart
Finally got my Incase from apple. Came w/ a stand too! Took this long to get a free gift?! Cmon son.
Shouts to cuzzo @Mikebooty for comin down to the city. Tell Cali we comin for you sometime! Paayce!
Can't refuse playin this before my zzzs.. #100lives #imuntouchable
Quick shot. I love my city #TOSummer
Penne Polo. Woweee!
Do you know what New Jack means? If you don't here's the definition! @djkariz101 12-2
Def Poetry season 1 goin on right now.
It's also my current eye color.
Ali Baba's was talkin in my ear today. A wide variety of baklavas too! Mission fulfilled.
Love this album artwork.
Bored at work! All I've been looking at is this sketch my pen drew.
Simulated golf is dope!
I'm at kingston n kingston. Chilly chicken at House of Wongs!
What acappella should I scratch over this?! Damn. Imma let it simmer for abit. Beats too cold!
I almost got this for free. #nowplaying
A stress ball is handy at work sometimes.
Me gots me one of these!
I had to. w/ rib saawce! @PolarBeezy
This can't be work right now ..AMAZING!!

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