Ghost mannequin photography
28 Mar 11:04

Ghost mannequin photography 

Invisible Mannequin Photography in our London Photo Studio. 10+ years of experience in the use of the ghost mannequin effect for any garment type, womenswear, menswear and children, including complex clothing such as see-through materials and reflective surfaces. Sage Studio is a premium photographic and retouching agency based in London. We offer our expertise across the fields of fashion, e-commerce and product photography, working closely with models, makeup artists, hair stylists and artists. Founded by creatives, Sage Studio increases online sales, producing inspiring images that respect and emphasis your brand identity. Our professional growth passes through fashion, design and business people, where every campaign is the sum of our and your ideas and the goal is the creation of stunning visual contents to resonate across the internet. Fast, reliable and trust able, Sage Studio partners with a vast array of customers from all industries, from fashion to product, and everything in between. No job is the same, and we love to hand craft every single project from the initial brain-storming and sketches, offering every time a different and distinguishing product. Whether our client is a one-man-band or an established business, we put the same amount of effort and loyalty on each project. Only our goal is the same: create something stunning!

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