How my bro version ♬ 'Dat Girl' - @EverybodyLovesP ♪ version is better than Pharrell's
On the way to work bumpin that ♬ 'Brooklyn Zoo' - Ol' Dirty Bastard ♪ RIP
My cousin just put me on and I think I'm in love with @GiannaDeNinno oh my lord that's heaven on earth.
#NOWPLAYING ♬ 'Come To My Room' - Jesse Boykins III ♪ ( @Jb3Music)
Nice!!! Who want some???
@ShortmanScore  @FrankRamz i got something for y'all. Take a look.
♬ 'Ms. Harmony' - Robin Thicke ♪ on deck
We on deck on the road trip to NC. Life is good.
This what I do in 2K Team Up. 28 points and 14 boards. Light work. Who wanna get worked out.
#NP ♬ 'How Can We Ease The Pain Feat. Beres Hammond' - Maxi Priest ♪
♬ 'Shoot The Moon (Live)' - Jamiroquai ♪
Who want some???
I does this.
Currently doing dishes bumping that good ol' E. Robe ♬ 'Open Your Eyes' - Eric Roberson ♪
Throwback on deck. ♬ 'Funkorama' - Redman ♪
Bumping that good ol' @Javstwtr ♬ 'Indecent Proposal' - Javier ♪
#NP ♬ 'My Life' - Mary J. Blige ♪
♬ 'Distant Lover' - Marvin Gaye ♪
Bumping that newness by @FEofficial ♬ 'Fight For Love' - The Foreign Exchange ♪
Me and my bro @2forthemoneyTae in the lounge getting right.
Had a good one it's only right.
Old head in the lounge was trying to grab me up, Camera man got me, my brother @2forthemoneyTae had me dying.
Came from the bottom but I rose like amber! ♬ 'Greenlight Feat. @FrankRamz' - @SPITSDADAWNKING ♪ uh ha ha I be killing them all year 365, resembling Paul pierce, nothing but the truth!!
On the computer bumping ♬ 'Phantom Always' - @OKKenna ♪ classic

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