Want! #bodyswag #tweetshop #headswag
Tweet for the #tweetshop :-)
Proud! @NGTravelerNL just won the #natgeoICON award for Photography with our Galapagos article /cc @Paul_NatGeo
As we visit #NatGeoICON @NatGeo played a minor role in the #AppleEvent :-)
Now on stage Urban Insider @anniefitz talking about Stories Beyond Cities #NatGeoICON /cc @Paul_NatGeo
Twitteraars geven in onderzoek aan dat zij informatieve tweets het meest waarderen #DigitalLunchBreak
Chemical nerd @kienhuis looks as charming as we're used to ;-)
The Growth horizons for @Sanoma. #DIsummit
Geo's advice for int. mags: find a solution to get 80% of print content automatically into iPad layout #GEO #DISummit
Generation Y is always on. #VICE #DIsummit
"The term 'programmatic' is problematic" We need to move it in the funnel and defend higher CPM" @KissMyAds #DIsummit
Holy grail :-) The keys on publishing on #Facebook volgens Facebook #DISummit
Please do not linkbait. Make excellent headlines. #DIsummit
En nu wit op blauw: don't set artificial limits on posting! #facebook #DISummit
Now on stage: Andy Mitchell (partnerships dir @facebook) "Making the most of Facebook" #DIsummit
Wake up call: even Youtube don't know how to make money out of viral video. #dontpanic #DIsummit
How to make virals: the science of sharing = emotional triggers #DISummit
How to make virals: don't spend money on seeding. Put it on Reddit. This is how content travels the web #DIsummit
Now on stage: Content 360, what Mark Mikin / Esquire learned from it's mobile editions #DISummit
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1 story on 5 platforms
1 story on 5 platforms
1 story on 5 platforms

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