This guy could use a breath mint.
Do you really think they had lightning on their backs?
This guys nose is as long as mine.
Dino smooches.
I saw a T-rex. I thought he might eat me.
I went on a dinosaur adventure today.
I am off to the San Antonio Pet Expo with @edgardakitty and @toki_poki. See u there.
Last month a good friend of mine was in the hospital with a bad boo-boo. I went to visit.
Yay! I am getting the BATMAN LEGO set i wanted. Can't wait to put it together this weekend. #roadtrip
We went to the LEGO store on our #roadtrip. I wanted everything. I really want this Batman and Robin set.
We needed gas so i made @EdgardaKitty pump it for us. #roadtrip
Then we stopped to get some yummy pretzels. #roadtrip
While at tje post office we got some smiles to send out too. #roadtrip
We had important things to mail out. #roadtrip
Last week we all piled in the car for a road trip. This is @EdgardaKitty and Spock - he is a baboon.
On a road trip with @EdgardaKitty and Spock. We r off on an adventure!
I went outside to wath some ants.
The hospital food was not too bad. So I stayed with her for a few days.
I went to see my hurt friend in the hospital after her accident.
Hanging out on Twitter with @SnotfaceCritter.
Went outside to watch the ants.

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