He's thinking yea I'm cool. I just wish you can see it too
Currently thinks she's a bad chick
See never too early ---------€
♬ 'If I Knew Then' - Lyfe Jennings ♪ <----- Perfect song for me right now
This is just half of it
@LoveJones701 fine you want a joke? Look at this ------------>
Bitch just smelled like 3 week old sitting in 80% humidity garbage ass -------------&gt;
Who going to see this -------------->
*hands @SoIWasLikeYo this --------&gt;
♬ 'Lucky Me' - Jay-Z ♪ &lt;------- Stop sleeping on this joint & this entire album you asses
♬ 'Vagina' - Royce Da 5'9 ♪ &lt;---------- This
♬ 'Just Begun' - J Cole ♪ <--------------- This
This little shits was $10. I blame Lil Wayne
This little shits was $10. I blame Lil Wayne
RT @KokoLoco911 RT •u know I like it rough ;)&lt;-this makes that ---&gt; ♬ 'There Goes My Baby' - Usher ♪
& right now I envy this mofo. I should go kick his stuff around & tell him he been evicted
@OhsoSexellent &lt;------- She makes me think of this --------&gt; ♬ 'She Don't Know (Feat. Ludacris)' - Usher ♪
#ThrillerLaugh ------------&gt;
#ThrillerLaugh ----------------->
@KarmaWithLuv see I seduced the rain -----------------&gt;
Shit I didn't get to show y'all last night. Everything on this chick was grey but check the shoes
Better from front tho ---&gt;
Nice ass------&gt;
This is part 1 of what they call thick out here ---------&gt;

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