Utahns love candy and not just during the holidays. They eat more per capita than any other state - and Utah can claim: the chocolate cinnamon bear!

Our cinnamon bears are carried along a conveyor belt nearly as long as a football field! They get covered by a small chocolate waterfall and then the rest of their journey is spent being cooled to just the right temperature. 
The Sweet's Candy Company Serving Utah since 1892! http://bit.ly/2r9NOB4
The Sweet's Candy Company discovered the unusual cinnamon chocolate combination back in 1994 and caught candy lovers by surprise with the new spicy, sweet combination. 

The chocolate cinnamon bear joins the ranks of Utah's unusual favorites like fry sauce, a wide array of Jello concoctions, funeral potatoes, and heavenly scones.
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At Sweet's, you will find a variety of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and a variety of chocolate covered nuts to satisfy your #chocolate craving. 

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Sweet Candy Company

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Sweet Candy Company is one of the oldest family-owned and operated candy companies in the United States. Sweet Candy Company has been making

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