would be interested in @JTomlinsonMP reaction to Maggie qoute in light of attacks on Ed Miliband 

this is where my home will be as far as work, great guys and always have a warm welcome   #ilovemylife #SWT
there may be trouble ahead, but where's music & love & romance … anyone fancy a drink ? #gdp
today with the phone
this is the #husky not texting this #Christmas
@fgwoll1e … if it's a new route I'll log it on the iPhone
… for instance
try this in GENERAL
it's cold this morning but not this cold in #Swindon #fail
impromptu recital practice at Salisbury Cathedral, simply divine  #ilovemylife
with my trusty phone camera something a little relaxing
Oh brilliant I just walked into a demo - thank goodness we ate starting to revolt! #powertothepeople
a picture I took last week - if you've seen before then just enjoy it again !
the train I was on now resembling a cattle truck; pandemonium at Leamington
oh, another photograph taken in the #autumn on the way into work
#autumn draws to a close, can be the mist beautiful of seasons or the wurst
just a picture I took on Thursday, no special message or artistic value
If you are vaguely interested in #geeky #obsessive things here is the log for my journey to Reading via Melksham
one from yesterday in #London   #ilovemylife
The intriguing #water feature in #Swindon town centre on a bright #autumn afternoon

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