My prototype mini paper lantern has come out well! Bit longer, and we're there!
So far I've only put earrings in it. Recycled tracksuit bottom lining, cut & crocheted around edges:
Currently crocheting round strips of stretchy net lining cut from tracky bottoms. Piercing jewellery holder ahoy!
A lot more to knit yet... #knitting
Colouring in, pattern pad:
Ivan Cat: more important than Christmas. *takes hint*
Wam's haul is not too bad either, eh? *has designs on Enterprise Haynes manual*
OMG. *squeals*
@adicarter He so would. And probably a disguise or two. He looks like butter wouldn't melt; he's a little bastard!
The fur has evidently been flying in the cat v bedspread fight.
Wow. Batten down the hatches in Sheffield on Sunday night!
Pressies for children, @RainingCatz & @Wamzip :) Also, presents to me from @RainingCatz & @Wamzip :) #merryxmas
Merry Christmas :/
Purdy Christmas tree :)
Hello from my bed.
This is the only kind of kettle that protesters should have to consider.  #dayx3 #solidarity
@Brays_Cottage @nnrofficial *hides under duvet*
I can haz tree! At the bottom of my bed, no less :)
Ps: am knitting through the pain barrier as there's naff all else to do. 'tis an Xmas gift for my daughter.

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