@ericbolling THE FIVE (note the American flag tattoo on my right hand that I place over my heart) #proudAmerican
Talk about a hard life!! #spoiled #dogslife
The blue moon that Neil Armstrong  first stepped goon on and was laid to rest under
If ur gonna photo-op like ur actually doing something productive at least get the phone handset turned in the right direction
God Bless America!!!  @seanhannity @SarahPalinUSA @BuckMcKeon @goodnewswendy @oreillyfactor @MittRomney @BretBaier
Our dog Poochie wants to go play some baseball she laying on my gear bag #playball
Cracked head open knocked out cold woke up dusted myself off crazyglued my head closed myself. What a day!!
Paid this price/gal today Glad my bike gets 55-60 mpg We need a change in the White House #tcot #replaceobama
My "Mini Me" is a beautiful young lady
Went to my "Mini Me's" honors induction ceremony
Tossed the dog a bit of hotdog and it landed behind her ear. She was looking 4 it 4 10 mins while Wife and I were #lol
It official!!! I am a college grad!!!!
I just watch my brother lose an arguement to #siri on my #iPhone 4s

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