@TheToddNewberg @bjlemaire I just shot this nature porn in my backyard. #lizards #doingitwell #nuthinbutaGthang
Give her this.
She's in love with him. Thank goodness. She is constantly kissing him and wanting to hold him. We're very lucky.
@TrickChapman here's another one
@TrickChapman he's awesome! Here's a pic
Here's my son Andrew. May be your youngest and biggest fan right now!  @drewbrees #Saints @Saints #9DaysOld
@TrickChapman the 25th at 12:41 pm. 8 lbs 8 oz 21 in long. Big guy- Andrew.
I think it's time they took the TGIFridays sign down. It's been YEARS. It's ridiculous. 
Eat at Chris' today y'all!
Gulp. I've left mine out on accident for 2 or 3 days. Who cares? #alliedwaste #LCG  @FauxJoeyDurel what say you?
I-10 E is majorly backed up on the basin.  @KLFY  @KATCTV3
@FINALLEVEL saw this on Facebook. Awesome!!!! I'd drink that!
@blabbermary I'm good now
@cbyrne19 I really wish it was another night?
If anyone is in the market for a kitten, my neighbor has one left. They are adorable!
Imma bout to make an awesome breakfast.
@TrickChapman don't let the belly fool you. Me and my son will kick some ass!
Made these tonight. Holy shit they were amazing.
@CreoleSpiceGirl so sad!!!
Just found this while cleaning my house. I miss it so damn much.
If anyone is in the market for a Dyson, this one is on sale at Target on Amb. Only 1 left for $340 reduced from $400
If you or anyone you know are interested.

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