Zien julie mij? Ik sta echt op deze foto, undercover :D
Hardcore planking, je weet toch
Even bewijs posten zodat hij niet kan terugkrabbelen :P
I'm not small, Jay is just freaking huge :P
Something different then my "old" iPhone, but i'm pretty happy with it
Fokking proud of buddy Sietze Lebbing! He is in the new Flex magazine!
This can take a while :P
For those who are interested :D
Received some new pica's, like this one of my back
Sidechest at Pose down
Completely fucked up after the 3rd call out
Ze back
Triceps, 2nd call out... tired as hell! :D
Sidechest at routine
At the first call out (me in de middle)
Visualizing the routine again, again & again. Getting a bit nervous ;)
Carb loading goes waaayyyy to fast :P
@4rn0 check
We are set for 1,5 day :)
Crap, dit is dan mijn lunch... dat kan ook anders
Yeah baby, carb loading time. FF'ing awesome :D
Net voor ik het podium op ga nemen we dit. Laat de aderen lkkr knallen :)
Another one.... they have faith in me ;) NK BB

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