@black_man_x see I know my kid is cute. Sucks when you have an ugly kid and do that shit.
@Vansmak check it out man. The Layer.png is not setting properly. Can you zip those tw... (cont) http://tl.gd/hbjlbb
@Vansmak me to bro! Have you by chance made a bg for the night theme?
@Shiftyshadee @r2DoesInc have you ever tried #Monster Import? They're the best they make!
@ALIEN_1974 here is the DM
@moeseth just bought Twitkafly and I'm seeing this: Any idea why?
@zausser where do the "slide to unlock" images "live"? I'm trying to get this dialed in... TIA.
Now I remember why I'm supposed to keep a case on my phone. Haven't dropped one for years! Literally! Damnit!

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