Every year, more school-age children suffer from added stress when their parent's divorce. Here's what you can do to help your kids. 
5 Reasons Men Ask for a Divorce http://bit.ly/2yDTmJJ
When did you realize your marriage was over? http://bit.ly/2yGWWCN
Children thrive on consistency & divorce turns their world upside down. It's important that parents help their child in the following ways. 
When it comes to divorce, avoid these very costly mistakes http://cnb.cx/2xntEWd
If you have child custody mediation scheduled, here are a great list of tips to ensure you're prepared and get the most out of the session.
Money Milestones: A divorce doesn't have to be the end of your retirement funds http://on.mktw.net/2i1CC8b
This One Thing is the Biggest Predictor of Divorce http://bit.ly/2yhnvxx
If you're having a hard time understanding the different types of child custody in Utah, we break it down for you! 
If your divorce is finalized and you're dealing with mental health issues that are impacting your daily life, try the following tips.
Can a parent's rights be terminated from being an unfit parent? Learn how it works in Utah. http://bit.ly/2i0Ru6C
When making decisions choose a custody agreement that will serve the best interests of the child. Learn about 4 different kinds of custody. 
Teens can take a divorce very personally and blame themselves. Here are 6 important ways you can help your teenager through a divorce. ? 
Have you wondered how you're going to protect yourself financially through a divorce? Learn about building your own credit history and more.
Have you chosen to attend child custody mediation? It's important you come prepared. We've provided some excellent tips! 
If you are getting divorced and find yourself frustration for lack of control in financial decisions, protect yourself with these 7 steps.
What would you tell a newly divorced self? #divorcetips #divorcehelp http://bit.ly/2wK1jeu
5 factors that make your divorce more expensive http://bit.ly/2y6v2Qa
Custody cases are rarely cut and dry. Learn about the 4 main categories that a child custody ruling could fall into in the state of Utah. 
If you and your ex have chosen to evenly split child custody, here are 6 ways to evenly split your parent time schedule. https://utahdivorce.biz/Child-Custody/Parent-Time-Visitation.shtml
Your divorce will be a gift in more ways than one! #divorcetips #divorcehelp http://bit.ly/2vk3TEy
Children who see both parents regularly are less likely to suffer from feelings of loss and rejection. Here's 6 schedule ideas to help. https://utahdivorce.biz/Child-Custody/Parent-Time-Visitation.shtml
Be prepared for your divorce with this glossary! #divorcehelp http://bit.ly/2wK2lr5
If you're looking for ways to make an evenly split child custody schedule work, check out our 6 scheduled ideas here. https://utahdivorce.biz/Child-Custody/Parent-Time-Visitation.shtml

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