5 Tips for Managing Parenting Time During the Holidays
Free or Cheap Things to Do in Utah with Your Kids During Christmas
Do you know what the divorce milestones in Utah are? http://bit.ly/2h3tCMx
Make things easier for you and your children this holiday season by following these 4 tips for those co-parenting from a divorce.
Tax Season And We're Separated: Things Both Parties Should Consider
These tips will help you and your blended family survive the holidays! http://bit.ly/2AmR3vG
This Dutch ad reminds us that Christmas is a lot about being together, even after a divorce. http://bit.ly/2AX4fqP
When you're going through something as tough as a divorce, positive quotes can sometimes be the only thing that gets you through 
Need help with complex property division in divorce? Contact our experienced SLC divorce attorney at the Law Office of David Pedrazas for help in divorce litigation: 801-263-7078. http://bit.ly/2AV6JWx
Tax Season And We're Separated: Things Both Parties Should Consider
Divorce after 50: What I wish I had known beforehand http://on.mktw.net/2AXdFCp
Equitable property division is not the same as splitting the property or assets in half. http://bit.ly/2h5e3am
The key to helping children cope with divorce lies in parents working together to honor their needs above our own. Here are 6 tips. 
Divorce sadly affects the whole family. Look out for these signs your teen is struggling and 6 important ways you can help them heal. ?
Parenting plans during the holidays.. As long as there's love, the holidays will be just as celebratory as it should be. 
In order to release any stress brought on by a divorce, get involved in healthy activities that cheer you up. Keep reading for more ideas! 
Are you and your spouse discussing child custody? 
Here are 4 guidelines for making your co-parenting during the holidays easier for everyone. http://bit.ly/2zXOgII
Our children are dependent on us for emotional support. Here are 6 things you can do to help your kids through the divorce.
If you have enough evidence, can a parent's parental rights be terminated? Learn more.
It's imperative that you rebuild a safe, secure quality of life for your children. Consider these divorce coping ideas to help your kids.
4 Things You Didn't Know About Property and Retirement Plan Division During a Divorce http://bit.ly/2h5e3am
5 Reasons Women Ask for a Divorce http://bit.ly/2hvtxEz
f your teenager is withdrawing or acting out after a divorce, help them in any way they need it. Here are 6 ideas ?on what you can do. http://bit.ly/2fDkgtn

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