@franz_ferdinand will be performing in The Flame during @de_warmste_week of @stubru! Get your tickets for Friday December 23!! Ticket sale starts this Monday at 10 o'clock! Help the band support Solentra! #musicforlife
This is Sam. More info coming soon... www.samrenascent.com
Spending our Sunday morning with @nordmann_music at the opening event of Bruges Photo Festival. 🙌🏼
Last chance to win tickets for @nordmann_music’s exclusive performance this Sunday at Foto Brugge! Mail to: charlotte.vandergoten@v2benelux.be and convince us why we should give you two of our remaining tickets! Good luck!
@erikssondelcroix presenting their new album ‘Magic Marker Love’ at @nest_gent 💕
@vrtnws interviewing @erikssondelcroix before their release show at @nest_gent. Come & join us at 20.30! 🎻
This Saturday on Radio 1’s Allez Allez: @erikssondelcroix & Sun Sun Sun Orchestra about their new album ‘Magic Marker Love’. This Sunday: live at @nest_gent! 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻
@nordmann_music tonight on @vangilsengasten! Tune in around 22.30! 🎷
The crowd loves you more than Cobain loved his sweater, @douglasfirsmusic! 🙌🏼
Sold out release concert at @abconcerts. They make the ground boil! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 @nordmann_music
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS' Skeleton Tree sold Platinum in Belgium! 
Needless to say that we are pretty excited to hand over this beauty tonight! 
Who else is looking forward to see the show?
O U T  N O W! The new @douglasfirsmusic album ‘Hinges of Luck’! With the beautiful single ‘Undercovers Lovers’ and many more! 📸@douglasfirsmusic
@nordmann_music boiling the ground at Fnac Gent! Catch them live at @abconcerts on October 18 & @handelsbeurs on November 11!
Happy Friday y'all! Want to win a signed canvas by @triggerfingerofficial? Go to Spotify and follow the New Music Friday Belgium playlist by @ultratopbe and maybe it's your lucky day!
Tomorrow the new @nordmann_music album 'The Boiling Ground' arrives! The lucky audience at @commerce_leuven can get already their copy tonight!
Paaaaaaaartyyyyy!!!! @classic21rtbf @triggerfingerofficial #showcase #colossus #wicked #triggerfinger #newalbum
Ow yes indeed. Good things are coming! New @douglasfirsmusic album 'Hinges of Luck', out October 13!
#spinvis almost! #radio #radio1 #vrt #lagelanden #excelsior #saartjevancamp
@nordmann_music playing at the @cafecostume event at @fosburyandsons. It sure suits them. 👌🏼
Steam, sweat and #triggerfinger @beursschouwburg
@nordmann_music press day with panoramic view over Brussels 👌🏼Album 'The Boiling Ground' out September 29!
Cheers to the new @erikssondelcroix album, Magic Marker Love. More info coming up soon! 🍻🍻
TOMORROW! Perfect way to spend your Friday: @hypochristmutreefuzz + @thesorelosers at @oltrivierenhof! Get your tickets now! 🙌🏼
Tonight we go with the @queensofthestoneage flow! @stubru showcase! 🤘🏼

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