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27 Feb 2012 00:59


My girlfriend Jen flew from Boston to Baltimore and met me in Washington DC on Wednesday afternoon. I hadn't seen her since I left Worcester on four weeks before. She had rented a room at the Beacon Hill on Rhode Island Ave, perfectly just a mile from the White House and a mile from Kate's apartment. This is us in front of the Lincoln Memorial, one of my favorite spots in Washington.
I really can't say enough about Jen. Throughout the walk, it was she who made sure I had a place to stay (especially while walking though storm-ravaged CT) and made sure I iced my ankle and made sure I was taking the correct streets through cities. It was Jen who made sure I had my suit and dress shoes and a new and fashionable (but not TOO fashionable) tie. And most importantly, it was Jen who made sure that I arrived at the White House at exactly 11:15 on Thursday morning. I'm pretty bad at being kn time, and she knew this was one of two events in my life that I didn't want to be late for.
Yeah, I'm pretty lucky to have a pretty good girlfriend.

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