@@KevinFrisch Kevin, I saw the article that you mentioned me... I wish I knew about back in 2012. Think I found u because of something I read .. I am a syndicated political humorist ..
Plus .. I can help you with some social media ... 

RT @kevermantweets These press conferences just aren't the same without an ashamed wife standing next to the podium.
@CarisaCarlton yes .. 4 years Viva Elvis on strip .. Now in LA . Syndicated humorist .. 

@CarisaCarlton that was quick! Thanks for the follow! 

@TheCoffeeBean wow what a trip I'm being followed by the coffeebean on twitter! I'm never buying #Starbucks again! Thanks for the follow I'm honored have a good #coffee day - Will
Who do I talk to about pitching my 2 times a week
@ProNetworkBuild here is my words of Wisdom today !
@@ProNetworkBuild I was talking to socialDC. .. About what it would take to get my weekly cartoons in your papers...
BUT looking at what you do. .. I have an idea. CURRENTLY I use Politix.topics.com f
@SocialInDC i'm listening but you're not following follow me and then tell me more
Can I run my weekly cartoons?
I agree we should all have freedom of speech ... But Mr. Duck Dy-Nasty, using God, Vigina, and Anus in the same sentence would only get you one thing in my house!
RT @KoreanSecrets @WillRobertsUSA Hi! What's this regarding?
Your tweet says do you want to collaborate ... Did you want to do that? You need to follow 
Yea .. This cowboy (who used to live in AllWhiteTukey, AZ spent 25 years in musical theater ..so what do you do for work?
@MMFlint thanks for the follow
Thanks for the follow ... How did you get huff to take your writing?
@TheDramaQueen  #DramaQueen #TalentTuesday 
Former #Cirque du Soleil
Thanks for the follow ! 

Thanks for the follow! how about a political and social humorists posting these a few times a week posting these ...see attached
@PatrickMcGrady saying that poor people have a choices.. Is like saying that #corporateAmerica gives choices.
RT @PatrickMcGrady Walmart doesn't own their voluntary employees. They pay what folks are willing to earn to be employed. #choice @140elect
So Scott ... Would you be Republican .. Can't tell be website .. 

@nick_wheeler4 thanks nick!

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