@JstCallme_bossy thousand dollar goodnight kiss 4 ma twifey
Lil baby dread stage #tbt even tho it's Friday now
This ones 4 mehLeeSA @Tough_Cookiie
#TweetThisDick     #hahaha
100 proof. The shyt is like water 2 me tho ionno y
Something in my pants 4 u bitches 2 suck
Reply 2 this if u kno which #oomf this nigga looks like. #dontfront
Ey do they still use these fat ass pamper blood suckers??
U woulda never thought Lebron hairline woulda got like that
Guess not. #DOWNED
Dang I think I jus made a poor executive decision
When I first started lockin up #bighead
Dis kinda look like #oomf ...no lie
Dis my shyttt
Another day at the office I guess. #easy (Fedz Fuk u)
I almost killed myself when I found these under bed. Can't believe I copped these fugazy azz air jizzles  #smh
Bout 2 send some of my old shoes 2 Haiti
@crazyaxxdejaa came through in the clutch wit the Mcdonalds ! #DOWN
Results of a Heat loss. Smh don't  bet on no Heat
#tbt Member these...if u still wear Em #KYS
Bball kick fanatic

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insta @hate_me_now

Dumb niggaz hustle 4 hoez. Young niggaz hustle 4 clothes. Real niggaz hustle 4 goals...#noteam...Real eyes Realize Real lies. Mami R.I.P #GOD


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