My neighborhood church is having what sounds like a rave in Spanish... Whistle keeps blowing- ref?/sports?
Stuck in hotel near DTW, lodgenet says "Welcome to Romulus, and thank you for choosing...". Haha!  ROFL!
Beer after a long days drive is tasty!   GPS location:  #defcon
Tomoe is working on 0wning the #defcon network.  Fail, buy I won't tell her.
Yummy drinks!  Peppermill has nice drinks!
Traffic suxs... GPS location:
Staying at a friends house with a cute puppy!
The coolest brewpub evr! Nowhere else have I found a coy pond&pub togother GPS loc:
Back again... Good beer...  GPS location:
Back again... Good beer...  GPS location:
Stout and choclate desert, heavenly.  As Gordan Ramsey would say "Done".
Good beer, and good food too.   GPS location: yummy!
I like this drive... GPS location:
NetCat... Heh.
Nice fire on a cool nite... GPS location:
2 beers keg 4 #defcon, 2more 2 go=20 gal of beer. Firewall & switch gear loaded 2... wht am I forgeting?
 gd trail... GPS location:
 gd trail... GPS location:
Pictuee of case 1 ready 4 shipping... Still waiting 4 openbsd 2 dd, 1u only has a single bay free...
Waiting for others to come to #minnsec GPS location:
Waiting for others to come to #minnsec GPS location:
Finally, gd beer ontap! Zimmy's, the bob dylan theamed bar.. GPS location:
There is some really pretty country out here..  GPS location:
Tweet, tweet... In the woods again... GPS location:

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