Team fit is all about a treat from time to time.We all have our secret guilty pleasures. My sweet bowl is immense
Salad of the day.. Salmon & mango nom nom #godimgood
Loving the Team Fit artwork. Glad  @Sazzleoj is having a productive day off!
#photooftheday Love this fella.
Today's #photooftheday One of my favourites from Kenya. Never could decide if it made me sad or happy.
@Sazzleoj too short?!?!
I love JML I knew they'd fix my cinema glasses issue. #presentsareace
Today's #photooftheday is purely because I am loving this app! #iphone
#saladoftheday! Fuelling me up for squash later
Today's #photooftheday is exactly the sort of symmetry I love. #geekout #photography
Definitely having my 5 a day today!
As I'm in York, here's today's #photooftheday
They even give you nice little bike hoops! #cycledontbus  #fitness
#photooftheday I swear I have an OCD when it comes to symmetry #photography
#photooftheday last outdoorsy one for a while, get me back in those buildings! #photography
Sticking with my nature #photography theme this week. Today's #photooftheday love taking pics of animals!
Love this #photography
#photooftheday bet there is a big pot of gold at the end of this one #photography #mentalweather
Wowzers now there's 2. Can actually see them from start to finish over Manchester. Can't take that shot as in car!
#photooftheday bet there is a big pot of gold at the end of this one #photography #mentalweather
So excited to be playing crazy golf

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