Cardinal! (Testing out the new(isn) camera on a Cardinal hanging out on mom’s roof.)
I found some higher-res video via @jeffsho69‬ of Trump boarding Air Force One yesterday, and it appears that Trump is SUPER-bald on the back of his head. That comb-over must be the biggest ever, period. Even his full head of hair is a lie.
Here’s the video of a serious PO’d Melania tonight at the #SOTU.
Why did Trump campaign official George Papadopoulos lie to the FBI? Because the campaign did something wrong.
I never saw that Trump said this during his announcement that he was running.
About those rumors that Sarah Huckabee dressed for Halloween as a Klansman.
About those rumors that Sarah Huckabee dressed for Halloween as a Klansman.
Trump on the new Chinese leader: “People say we have the best relationship of any president-president, because he’s called president also.”
GOP Homophobe Roy Moore’s little BDSM vest inspired me. Donate to his opponent, Doug Jones:
Here’s how much your insurance premiums will go up under the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal. #Preexisting
Since we’re sharing videos, @realDonaldTrump….
Snippet of our latest podcast re: Trump, Pelosi, Schumer DACA deal.
Here’s a 2-minute snippet of our latest podcast about the Trump, Pelosi, Schumer DACA deal.
A word about “purity politics” & the need to get over the Hillary/Bernie thing. Donate:
I just got one of those fake IRS calls. I love the bad quality, robot voice & lack of words like “the” and “a.” Yeah, nothing fishy there!
Trump calls CNN’s @Acosta “fake news” after being asked why didn’t criticize Nazis earlier
Trump White House just equated anti-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville with the Nazis
18) Here’s my quick 30 second take on Donald Trump using our troops as political props. Full video here:
Scaramucci has legal concerns about Don Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians via @AMERICAblog
So not making this up.
I saw this satire video the other day and didn’t post it because I worried maybe it was too violent. Welcome to the new normal.
Here’s the clip of @RepMoBrooks suggesting people with pre-existing conditions are being punished for leading bad lives.
The news is cutting short the Trump-O’Reilly clip about US being as bad as Putin. It’s far worse when you listen just a few seconds more.

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