Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the world's hardest to use screwdriver:
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the world's hardest to use screwdriver:
Experimental weird shaped cookie cutter make with PLA.
Print finished:
When they are done, these guys will be right-angled Popsicle stick connectors:
Chair, table, icon.
Cylindrical plastic spring made on the Replicator in one piece:
The finished springy thing. Flexes about 1mm and is very stiff. The diagonal arms need redesigning. I was impressed with how well it bridged the top part with no support.
A very odd advent calendar the kids made for themselves:
Recently came across my old Casio CM-100 “computer math calc” calculator. It’s solar-powered too!
Filament guide finished:
The finished spool holder:
The finished spool holder:
End-on view that shows the curved shape and the support material:
Printing a spool holder out of PLA:
We’ve reached the turkey and mushroom pie stage of thanksgiving now:
Finished belt clip. 12mm high with 0.2mm layers and the edges rounded and beveled.
Unfinished belt clip printed with 0.33mm layers in ABS. Needs the outside refining and experimentation to get it as thin as possible. It’s being made to tame a belt-end that’s too long and flaps aroun
Rapunzel wrapped on toilet paper plus pipe cleaners becomes a mummy for a school project:
With 3D printed replacement grid overlaying the broken one:
Broken cutlery rack (hole bottom left):
The complete grid, printing at .2mm layer thickness. Had to manually tweak the build platform leveling based on an earlier failure of the front area.
Dimensional test piece for what will become a fix for a broken cutlery rack in the dishwasher.
There must have been a special offer on the Wheat Chex:

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