Hey @StephenDMason & @davebarnesmusic I'm actually watching the soccer balls games! Ya proud?
Today is @mikescheuchzer's birthday. Where does time go?
There's gonna be so much flopping in the spurs/heat series. This will be considered an action shot.
Sad to be away from my best friend and the most insanely awesome mother to my kids, @skmillard! Love you friend!
We are already at #4 on all of iTunes!! What the what?!?
This is Charlie hanging out during Sam's football practice. It's not a table, it's a bed!
Who’s playing the Grand Ol’ @Opry April 4th? THESE GUYS! This’ll be our 3rd time there. Can we be members yet?
@JonAcuff actually wanted to start a super group called...
APRIL 8th.
My life on Instagram.
@thadcockrell Get better lil buddy. And to cheer you up, here's a pic of a guy giving a rabbit "bunny" ears! CRAZY!
Merry Christmas friends!
Still in love.
My kids get pretty worked up about football.
Happy thanksgiving from the Millards!
Happy thanksgiving from The Millards!
At the walk of champions! Here we go @CoachHughFreeze!
In the war room double checking @CoachHughFreeze'z notes. I think we're ready. 

@aaronshust IVE GOT SOME TOO!!!! It's fun to fly!
Ahh young love! Happy 16th anniversary @skmillard. Our marriage is now old enough to drive. I REALLY love you.
Wrestlers need communion too. 

Someday I wanna live life with such reckless abandon that I'm brave enough to get an airport haircut.
My 11yr old's "go to bed" playlist. #WisdomBeyondHisYears

@kpstanfill @timtimmons @brandonheath @benrector

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