flashback time
this is what I do when I can't sleep:
This is amazing. Also, this is apparently what CCIEs do when they get bored. To replicate, traceroute to
Things that make me feel old: The Apple Newton is 20 years old.
Brian Stuckey: land owner
My little laptop now has 25 TB of storage (somewhat of an artifact of my Drobo virtual file system)
Cinnamon Roles - prepared in the waffle iron are a brilliant idea (and they turn out great!)
@mjp80mpls This was a sample of our test - boatloads of fun
Name this city:
Seeing red always makes me nervous
Best find in an eBay description:
Saw this ad for paper in an iPad magazine. I don't think they targeted this too well. Paperbecause.com #fail
The people at FIT housing may be great at designing clothes but they suck at spelling
Yes please
CapitalIQ for the iPad is pretty nice
I think I'm going to like it here.
The old is fixing the new
Time to clean up
Best part of new sonic? The half pipe
Time Lapse Processing Time
One of the things I had to pick up on my trip back from Michigan
I'm curious to see where fb trades in 2 months
I have to try this....

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