@joshuarhayden dig it?
If there were a flux capacitor of shopping, I think I just hit 88 mph:
After having my car towed yesterday (to the tune of $272), my son is now taunting me:
Great cover concept by @Wired
Before & After… @BeckettBond made it through surgery just fine. We're thankful. [pic]
Thus proving the problem of Baltimore's public transportation system: [pic]
Don't you wish you new what @BeckettBond was looking at? [pic]
@TeachingWell The Buddy:
5 years apart to the day. The signatures are surprisingly similar. The photos… not so much. [pic]
Oh my. [pic]
Came home to this today [pic]
My son @BeckettBond apparently wants to hug you [pic]
@tchartin I don't know what these do but you can borrow them.
Done dealing with my linksys. Should have made the switch years ago, but love this new form factor.
Here's my favorite shot from tonight:
@GlennLucke good stuff, man:
.@cdlowell @scribblepotemus @RichardRohrOFM @DallasAWillard This is a screen shot from a prayer journal app. Thoughts?
My newborn doing his impression of @derekwebb.

(This is my real Fathers Day gift.) [pic]
Happy Fathers Day to me! Lisa got me great beer and a Starr brand wall-mounted bottle opener & cap catcher! [pic]
. @TeachingWell @Jay_Rittler19 @bobistheman83
The eyes of @BeckettBond [pic]
@hipstamatic 3 weeks of life via your app, #12 


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